Monday, February 15, 2016

Straight razor experiment. No stropping.

Well since really getting into sharpening I have had the plan to be able to sharpen a straight razor well enough to shave with comfortably. The big difference is I want to do it without stropping.

So I purchased a Gold Dollar straight razor to experiment with.
First thing I did was to dull it on a DMT extra coarse (EC) diasharp plate then sharpened it up through the grits from EC, C, F, and EF. This would easily push cut across the grain newsprint. Which is one of the sharpest I can currently take an edge. It did fail the hanging hair test on my head hair, but even double edge safety razors fail this test with me. I did one attempt at shaving with this edge. It lead to slight irritation, and was more a poor shave not quite getting as close as my DE safety razor.

The next experiment was then using a spyderco ultra fine ceramic sharp maker rod to raise the polish and trying again. This resulted in a closer and less irritating shave. Irritation was very slight, and while I only did test passes on all the major areas cheek, under the nose, under the jaw, neck and chin; I could have finished the shave but chose not to.

My next experiment will be to use water stones to sharpen up to King 6000 grit finish before using the spyderco ultra fine to hopefully create a smoother edge that will irritate less. This will I think give me a shave more similar to my DE safety razor.

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  1. I tried shaving with a US Production Schrade lockback with a 6k King finish. Never again.