Friday, September 11, 2015

My first thoughts about today.

"Perhaps time shouldnt heal all wounds?

As I sit and think of the terrible event I wonder one thing. Will they remember this day a hundred years from now? Will this just be a forgotten evil, to be repeated, or will we learn. Also to those countries and peoples that celebrated this horrible act, I know that I am glad I have not met some one like that. You should never feel good about killing, even if it's in the defense of your self and another. Taking a life is the lowest of the things a human can do.You should feel sorry for an enemy that attacks and you kill, even if you had no choice. That is a guilt that can not be forgotten, and sometimes I think never forgiven."

I still believe this, but have evolved it. 

Taking a life is never good, but one's own life and those we care for are worth dying for or killing for.

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