Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Finally.....a true push cut.

Okay here is a test for you to see how sharp that EDC knife really is. Go find a newpaper, now with no movement of the blade in either backward or forward try and push at a complete 90 degree angle to the paper the blade straight down into the paper. If it did it congrats that is either very sharp or do me a favor and turn the paper 90 degrees and try it again. Oh I imagine some are going wait it did it now but not last time. Some are going it did it before but not now. Let me explain.

Cutting paper you must realize it has a grain and thus turning that paper and cutting across that grain requires a much higher level of sharpness then cutting along that grain. Thus turning the paper shows you two levels of sharpness. The sharpest consistent test is the across grain push cut at 90 degrees. No angle to the blade at all. All angles are 90 to each other. Doing this incredibly hard.

 I have been trying years to get this good. I finally have gotten my technique down and my tools properly set up to do this free hand. I have get a shaving sharp edge but a true across grain push cut on newsprint is very very hard. Now I can do this. Did I also mention I did this without using a leather strop. The only thing used was diamond and ceramic stones.

Now to find a harder test to try.

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