Wednesday, April 29, 2015

5 years sober.

Poof gone.
I haven't gotten drunk in over 5 years. I am not saying I haven't had a drink, but I truly have not been drunk in 5 years.

I have had my problems drinking, I spent 6 months downing Jack like it was water after work. It was the only way I could sleep while in the Air Force after awhile. Falling off the wagon is just part of having a drinking problem. Tonight though, I am just not caring.

Sadly I do not know why I fell off. I just started and have had more to drink tonight then I have in almost a decade. Now am I drinking to stupid levels? No. Heck a few drinks down most would consider a quiet evening, for me it is too much. Considering my size and time and such I can tell you my BAC is around .12 at least.

Thinking now hard about it it probably is the pain. My arthritis is acting up really bad. My cane has been used a lot recently. Add in the stress of Finals. Ergh and now I am remember work this weekend is going to be hell....yeah I think I know why I fell off the wagon.

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