Friday, January 23, 2015

The shift change....

It really is odd I spend half my week going to school during the day, and the other half working all night. So I have this day where I either sleep almost none before going to work, or staying up all night to try and shift my sleep schedule.

Most people would call this is.

Sadly I find it kinda liberating. I get to avoid a lot of things that most people have to deal with when doing errands or daily life. Like crowded stores are not an issue usually. I am heading out to shop when most people are sitting down to dinner or already in bed. The down sides are some stores are closed or closing soon. Also the weirdos are out when I am grocery shopping at the all night store I shop at most of the time.

Meth heads, those are the worst thing about having the odd schedule. It pretty much is the meth heads schedule except they do not sleep.....

So g'night folks.

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