Monday, December 15, 2014

Why the .22's

Okay here is part of the reason for the influx of .22lr firearms.
I have been walking with a cane off and on for years. Now after my shoulder started giving out I can no longer handle a lot of firearms.
My mossberg 500 I can no longer shoot, either in handling the recoil or cycling the action when extended in a firing position. Close in I can do it but that requires dropping my arms to my sides. I nearly dropped the shotgun a month ago do to the pain from just running some simple dry fire practice drills.....once. First racking and I nearly dropped it. Add in the fact I can not lean on my right leg with much weight with out a lot of different medications I am now on I figured it was time to admit I am getting older.

Thus I have been buying some firearms I can fire without worry. Plus I like the .22lr round, especially out of a rifle length barrel.

So I sold the Mossberg my MBR and have started looking for a lefty friendly replacement. These links are for choice comparison not the place I will purchase them.

First up is the humble AK An M70 imported by Century International Arms. I like this mostly for the underfolder stock and price. I prefer .30 caliber and greater rounds for most things deer sized and greater. So this is my top choice right now butt....

The AR....theleftyfacehatingabouthadmethrowitatthetargetinbasic who I still detest do to all my experience with it in the military but those were all government maintained weapons....need I say more. So here is my second choice I trust the S&W company to put out a good product, and honestly the forward assist and dust cover never made sense to me.
Finally the alternate AR is the Ruger version This has one feature listed that I like a threaded barrel so just incase I can change flash suppressor or add a sound suppressor.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I can stop any time.....

Okay after getting a new Savage 64.....I got a Marlin 795. So now there are 3 .22lr rifles in the safe. Is it bad I want a a Savage Mark II followed by a Mossberg 802 then a Ruger American .22lr.