Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I like Mossberg even more now.

Okay I just got off the phone with Mossberg service department.
I in weird sale to buy trade around sold my Crickett .22 for 110, then bought a Mossberg 702 used that had a disclosed broken recoil spring.
So after telling them I had bought the rifle second hand and needed a new recoil spring and wished to purchase one they dropped this bit of news on me. "We are sending you out a new one under the warranty," the very nice lady said to me. I was truly surprised and happy. Now I am really glad I put my stock in Mossberg, that is damn good CS right there.
Not only is it free, I am not even the original owner. True its a sub $10.00 part and probably is less then the shipping cost, but that is awesome right there.
Savage, Mossberg, and Sig, Iver Johnson, Smith & Wesson; had nothing but great luck with all of those.

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  1. Just got me a Mossberg 590 - I am camping happy now! Happy Halloween!