Friday, August 8, 2014

Bigot and an A$$hole

Stupid Great Deals

You couldn't just have good deals did you you had to put out coupon codes the make awesome deals. 43.99 shipped for this condor sentry  plate carrier. Now how am I supposed to fund my candy addiction?

Pics to come, as well as a review.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Im Bleeding.....

Okay my candy addiction has added Rolos to the list.

So as I am sitting here enjoying my rolos when one rolo uses its foil wrapper as a makeshift prison shank and cuts my lip.

We aren't talking oww that stings, Im talking blood dripping.

This has ruined candy eating for the night.

Don't mess with Rolos, Rolos will cut you man!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cat Allergys

My wife and I just adopted two cats. Don't ask me why, all I know is I wanted more cats. So we bring home one kitten and an adult cat. The kitten is now named Miss Mistachio (No that is not misspelled), the adult is named Cyndi.
Cyndi had a bit of the sniffles when adopted. She now is a snot monster and drooling and crying like a faucet. We changed the room we had put her in to the master bathroom so we can monitor her more closely and she has improved greatly.
I dare say the cat has allergies to the first room we put her into. So now we just have to see if she continues to get better or if it is a serious issue. We do plan on taking her to the vet in the morning, mostly for the sniffles and such, but we also need to get her vaccinated properly.

Miss Mistachio
Now you see why she is Miss Mistachio

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Oh dear, Bio Weapons

Okay I live 45 minutes from the first Ebola case in the United States.
I will tell you this, "This is at best testing of the serum being used on these two human lab rats. At worst it is Bio Weapons research." Yes I just quoted myself, and most of my extended family.

Most of my extended family have been doctors or in medicine for 30 years. Some of them actually part of research of scary stuff. Most of them are saying this was done not to treat these two, it was to study them. What they aren't sure, but it isn't good. Even this serum can be a bad thing. It could lead to a weaponized Ebola strain, which we would have the only treatment do the math.

Now I have to go pick some brains because I need some more detailed preps....

Monday, August 4, 2014

Must Not Wander Academy.....

Okay, small confession. I have never owned a knife of VG-10, S30V, or 153CM......till today.

I have limited experience with all of these steels when it comes to knife blades. So when I was wandering Academy I spotted some clearance tags on the knife and blade fun time isle. Scanning most of them they were just out of my comfortable price range or just wasn't interested in the least.
Then I saw it, a Camillus folder in VG-10 at $29.99. Oh my wife is gonna kill me but I snapped it up in a heartbeat. I couldn't believe it so I price checked it at the little scanner nearby, it was $29.99.

So now I own a VG-10 steel knife.

The good, the steel duh, the G-10 scales, and the nice pocket clip.
The eh, the decent feel in the hand, the semi smooth opening, and the thumbstuds.
The bad....its a tanto point blade, and the coating chips really easily.

I already chipped off some of the coating on the tip of the blade....
For the record tanto blades are useful and strong, and if you don't mind the complication they throw on sharpening then have at it.

I do not like tanto blades, have one already and that sucker is just no fun to sharpen.
I can get it razor sharp but it is more of a chore, less the fun of sitting down and putting a shaving edge on a plain straight edge or a curved drop or clip point blade.

Camillus 6.75" Carbonitride Titanium

Saturday, August 2, 2014