Sunday, July 13, 2014

New rifle

Well, I finally got time to post.
My new rifle is a Savage 110 in 30-06, is has an unknown Bushnell scope, and back up iron sights that the scope rings allow you to see. I am itching to go shooting. but all the local ranges I am finding are not rated for 30-06.
The one thing I am finding is that I may have gotten one heck to a deal, the Bushnell scope is no slouch, as in it may be worth more then what I paid for the rifle. But that is just a guess, more research is needed.
The bolt is smooth and locks up tight, mechanically she is fine.
Now for the bad,.
It has a lot of the bluing gone, as well as surface rust, and some slight pitting.
She also probably need some muzzle crown work. I don't think it's enough to make her really inaccurate, but she isn't gonna be doing sub 1 inch groups at 100 yards.

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