Thursday, July 24, 2014

EDC Post, isn't that Quaint

Pocket dump for blogfodder.
Right front pocket:Kershaw shuffle pocket knife, change, bic lighter, micro multi-tool, spare coil for e-cig, two dollar bills, ear plugs, Sandisk MP3 player and ear buds.
Back right pocket:Broker plus mini fixed blade wrapped in paracord sheath and fire steel, Arkansas stone in leather pouch.
Back left pocket:Wallet with can opener and various cards and IDs.
Front left pocket:Energizer 1watt LED flashlight, blackhawk pocket holster with two Bersa .380 mags inside it.
Left ankle:Bersa thunder .380.
Neck:Timberline Lightfoot Pit bull neck knife.
Right hip:Sig P226 in a Desantis 18-11 IWB tuckable kydex holster.
Left hip:Two 18 round mags for the Sig in a Fobus paddle mag holder.
Current weight on scale: 144 pounds

UPDATE because I forgot my keys:Keys on carabiner with keychain flashlight and nail clippers.

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