Friday, July 25, 2014

No one has noticed...or at least they haven't commented.

On Saturday the 19th I changed something. No one seems to have notice, can you? If so comment below.
I'm not just talking about the layout or such.

New layout

So, is this format a little easier on the eyes, or is it to bright?
I'm thinking that the post titles need to be a darker color though.

TSA coming to a goverment building near you

Well after my county took its stupid pill it decided to install cops to TSA everyone at the Annex building for my country government. I even had to take off my damn belt to drop off a job application.

Then the officer argued with me on why this was being done.

Im sorry it wasn't this way until it was legal for licensed carriers were legal to come inside.

Fuck you mister I'm an Officer. It is to keep law abiding people disarmed around the upper crust. There is no other reason.

You all didn't even properly screen me.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

EDC Post, isn't that Quaint

Pocket dump for blogfodder.
Right front pocket:Kershaw shuffle pocket knife, change, bic lighter, micro multi-tool, spare coil for e-cig, two dollar bills, ear plugs, Sandisk MP3 player and ear buds.
Back right pocket:Broker plus mini fixed blade wrapped in paracord sheath and fire steel, Arkansas stone in leather pouch.
Back left pocket:Wallet with can opener and various cards and IDs.
Front left pocket:Energizer 1watt LED flashlight, blackhawk pocket holster with two Bersa .380 mags inside it.
Left ankle:Bersa thunder .380.
Neck:Timberline Lightfoot Pit bull neck knife.
Right hip:Sig P226 in a Desantis 18-11 IWB tuckable kydex holster.
Left hip:Two 18 round mags for the Sig in a Fobus paddle mag holder.
Current weight on scale: 144 pounds

UPDATE because I forgot my keys:Keys on carabiner with keychain flashlight and nail clippers.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Cat and Chickens

Unlike most people that have cats and chickens I do not worry about my chickens. The chickens have completely cowed the cat. He is terrified of them. He often will run inside if they come near him.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

No one has noticed yet.

Besides adding new blogs, and rearranging the blog a bit I changed one big thing. No one seems to have noticed.

Ga Code HB60 and HB826

Well strap in Georgians, HB826 has been fucked. The official publisher of the Ga Codes has fucked it up, in essence they are acting like HB 826 did not happen.
They are acting like HB 60 changed parts of the law it did not, and over rides HB 826. In other words  we now have to sue.
They specifically have to ignore Ga Code and case law to do so.....illegally.
As my people of Georgia would say HAMMER TIME!

My work week is backward.

Just to explain a bit, the weekends actually are my work week. I work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and used to be Sunday. Then I go to school Monday through Wednesday. The sucky part is I work nights and go to school days. My sleep schedule is messed up.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Magellan Outdoor shirts

Okay, I haven't gone cloths shopping for myself in like 4 years. Sadly a lot of my stuff is wearing out. Like my cover-shirt collection. So I got two new shirts from Magellan.
They are all synthetic which is nice because they don't hold sweat as bad as my old cotton shirts.
Also are the Fish Gear series and are much cooler, they also are button up shirts. So new I look a little more dressy then my old T-shirts that I used. Over all the last few weeks I have been wearing them constantly instead of OCing.
I am loving the pockets, not just two simple shirt pockets, but two mini pockets infront of each main pocket.
Also some kind of loop set on the left pockets right side seam, I use that to hold a pen usually.
I at first got a short sleeve version, then a long sleeve version that is designed to have the sleeves rolled up and secured with a button strap.
Both are very comfy, work well on my draw, and fit much better then my older shirts.
The price was actually pretty good, 20 for the short sleeve version and 25 for the long sleeve version.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Shave #3

Well, here we are again.
This time I did not shave at all yesterday. So today's shave was with a full beard growth. It was just as easy, also I switched back as my wife's request to shave cream. She didn't want it to go to waste. Oh dear lord that stuff stings after a few minutes. The cream was  Edge extra protection with cooling conditioners. It stings before I even start shaving.

I only do two passes right now as I am relearning how to shave. I know I could get a ridiculously close shave if I did three, but I am not wanting to risk the possible irritation. I will give it a full week for my face to get use to the new way of shaving before I do three passes.

Just for your edumication of wet shaving with a safety razor here is a video.Nick Shaves
Also good eye candy for the ladies.

Could they be Unstupiding?
Could this actually happen? I'm not saying they are getting smarter just maybe a little less stupid. It takes work to be as stupid as some of them act and that takes work. So maybe they are being more actively lazy. I don't know what it is, but it is something unusual.

I got nothing.

Honestly, the most I will be doing today is homework and maybe running a stump grinder.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New rifle....opps.

Well after pulling out the Savage 110 I knocked the front iron sight loose.....which lead to me trying to get to the screw under the blade of the sight....which is held in by a set screw....which is rusted shut.....which led to me using a stripped screw bit to try and remove it....and finally trying to drill it out.
Now I have to replace the new front sight ramp.
Eh, I needed to replace the front blade anyways. It was almost impossible to see.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Safety Razor update

After just touching up yesterday with my new safety razor I am checking my face and it seems almost like the same day I shaved. The bristle is noticeably less. So today's shave will be more of a touch up then a real shave for me.
As to the soap used I am using a coffee and cream lye based soap my wife makes. It is very nice and works well for just about anything.

Monday, July 14, 2014


So, I looked around and found instead of waiting for a safety razor to be delivered I could pick up a cheap one piece style one for 13 bucks at Sally's Beauty Supply.
Guess who just came from there....
Yeah so I got a no name brand safety razor and some Derby Extra blades.

Honestly I just hit the rough spots from shaving this morning, it was smooth and very nice. I did nick myself a bit, but didn't even notice it was so minor.
All in all it was very thrilling and relaxing. I know odd combo. Still I think I will keep trying this.
It's funny I can't wait to shave tomorrow, using a safety razor has made shaving enjoyable again.

New Blog thing followed

Hey check out No really.

It is interesting.

Just watching the metrics of my blog are kinda interesting. No one starts reading until about 5-6 am eastern time. Then it is a few hits here or there till around 11pm eastern. Not a lot of night owls read the blog.

One Crazy Idea leads to another.

Well after shaving with my knives a few days ago I couldn't stop thinking about actually trying my hand as straight razor or safety razor shaving.

So after watching almost all of on youtube, I then started watching or reading anything and everything on straight or safety razor shaving. So now I think I want to actually make the plunge.

Anyone taken this trip? Any advice is welcome.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

New rifle

Well, I finally got time to post.
My new rifle is a Savage 110 in 30-06, is has an unknown Bushnell scope, and back up iron sights that the scope rings allow you to see. I am itching to go shooting. but all the local ranges I am finding are not rated for 30-06.
The one thing I am finding is that I may have gotten one heck to a deal, the Bushnell scope is no slouch, as in it may be worth more then what I paid for the rifle. But that is just a guess, more research is needed.
The bolt is smooth and locks up tight, mechanically she is fine.
Now for the bad,.
It has a lot of the bluing gone, as well as surface rust, and some slight pitting.
She also probably need some muzzle crown work. I don't think it's enough to make her really inaccurate, but she isn't gonna be doing sub 1 inch groups at 100 yards.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hehehe, Im getting a bolt gun.

I'll just let you stew on what kind till it's in my hands. Hehehehe.

I did not know that.

Lana Wachowski was formally known as Laurence Wachowski 
She transitioned about 2008, or at least that's what IMDB says.

New stock for my 500

Well, first off the stock that came with my Mossberg 500 was crap. It about knocked teeth out, and I am not exaggerating. I had 2 loose teeth after firing it 4 times. For the record it was a Knoxx SpecOps NRS stock. It sucked.
I like monte carlo stocks, they just work better for me. They are more comfortable and allow me to reach all the controls more naturally. They also make using it as a club much easier for me. Still I wanted an adjustable stock thus I found the ATI Akita
Stock photo from
 It is adjustable, and has a fairly nice cheek rest. Also very solid feel. I haven't shot it yet but I doubt it will be as bad or worse then the Knoxx stock.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Just when you think you have a mutt.

I just realized that my "heinz-57" mutt was actually an almost show quality looking dog. My dog is apparently a Tibetan Terrier. This is exactly what my dog looks like.
Told ya.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Razor Vs Knife update.

My Wife has decided that where I used the knife was much smoother then where I used the razor.....

Crazy Ideas. Yes my knives are razor sharp.

Do to this Shaving with a spoon I decided to see if my knives are really shaving sharp like I think they are. Yes they are....never ever doing that again.
The main problem is that the drag is too high, it almost rips hairs out before it will cut them. It is by far the most painful shave ever. My knives can shave me, but the razor burn is horrible. I finally gave up at under my nose and my chin and finished with a real razor. Considering I was using an AUS-6 steel knife, and a 440C steel blade. Both can do it, but oh dear lord does that sting.

Late night snack

Recently I've been eating as a snack Rally's French fries, the make at home kind. I think it is odd that I've gone from eating a party bag size of Reese's peanut butter cups to now French fries.

I have 2 whole unopened bags still to eat.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


No, you may not offer me a "free" "one year" subscription to your site after adding my RSS feed to it without my asking. Thus forcing me to change my RSS feed settings to avoid your site from copying the entirety of my blog posts for your site. Your site lacks what I require, namely not annoying me greatly.

Do Not Steal My Posts, then try and strong arm me into joining.

Not cool man, not cool.

Insomnia hit so I was twiddling with the blog when I suddenly was redirected to an ad page. Um sorry I don't remember allowing that. Gonna dig around and see if I can stop it, or if its a Blogger FUBAR.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Government watch lists

There are days that if you aren't on a government watch list then I don't think I should trust you.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

World of Tanks.

Just go play the dang thing. You fight with tanks. It's fun and pseudo-realistic. Come on you drive a tank.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Well things have improved greatly with my Father. He finally is getting treatment, after only nearly dying in 2 hospitals care. Now we have him at home and he is improving, as well as receiving outpatient treatment for his cancer.

I am still plugging along in college and doing well. Still working on my core classes.

Work I have cut my hours so that I can you know sleep. Other then that not much has changed.