Friday, May 9, 2014

The Rant.

Dear people treating my Dad, except his neuro surgeon.
Where the fuck did you get your medical training? The bottom of a cracker jack box?
 Waiting to treat his cancer in any way despite it being the most aggressive form of brain cancer, and that has already grown in the damn 2 week since he entered your care.
Also allergies do not affect one eye only, one eye does not swell shut while the other is completely unaffected. Especially when he has been on high dose anti-histamines for days!  
Finally holding my Dad medical records from me and my family, and a second doctor for "Policy" reasons pisses me the fuck off.
You are risking my Dads life for a policy, that FUCKING VIOLATES FEDERAL LAW!
Then to appease us you release a partial record, none of which includes anything you have fucking done in over 2 weeks.
Then when I talk to another doctor about his MRSA, I find out you are not following standard infection control procedures, and are in fact spreading MRSA to your entire hospital do to your stupidity. No wonder he got MRSA, you fuckers gave it to him.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Shit storm of Fuck

While at Grandma's funeral my house was broken into, which was followed by both sets of house keys and car keys being stolen after we get back. Then my cat went missing from my house.
Now the shit frosting, my Dad has brain cancer, oh and had bleeding on the brain after the biopsy. Which caused loss of speech. Now he has a staph infection that went from his biopsy incision to his brain, of course it is MRSA. So I'm currently on night duty to watch him.

Yes I started smoking, only because my damn e-cigarette broke on me at the same time.