Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Neck knives.

I haven't been sleeping well so blog has been suffering.

I am going to try out some neck knives. I've always carried pocket folding knives, with fixed blades when out in the woods.
That's gonna change.
I am currently waiting on getting a TDI LDK, and a Boker Magnum Lil Friend clip point.
I will try out both those, and see which I like better if at all. If I do like them I am thinking of getting some larger neck knives later for testing.


  1. FWIW I've tried a variety of them over the years, with greater or lesser 'success'.
    One thing to bear in mind is that they are primarily a list ditch option.
    My biggest issue is that due to body chemistry ALL of the varieties of metal ones have rusted or corroded, not enough to be unusable mind you but still a concern. (wearing them under body armor probably didn't help) I finally tried a Talonz Ceramic and have had no issues yet. Of course ceramic can break but if one is in a situation where it is needed, who cares?