Tuesday, February 11, 2014

American Health Imaging. It's over 9,000...yes I went there

Officially per Blogger I have had over 9,000 views of my blog.

I got my MRI done today, and I must say American Health Imaging is an incredible company. One, they were incredibly nice, well thought out and treated me like a person. Two, they on my arrival notified me there were running late and gave me the option to reschedule. I declined and decided to just wait, and they gave me a $10 gas card for my having to wait. They still got me in quite quickly, and had lockers that actually lock for me to store my belongings in while I was scanned.
Third, they gave me my own copy of my MRI results. This is very nice for second opinion purposes and I have a weird thing were I like to personally see all test results myself, not just go with what the doctor tells me. I have been burned before on that.

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