Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rinse and repeat

Still sick.
My last two days have boiled down to this; eat, puke, and repeat.

I think I might be lucky and finally keep something down today. We will see about the toast I just ate.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Neck knives.

I haven't been sleeping well so blog has been suffering.

I am going to try out some neck knives. I've always carried pocket folding knives, with fixed blades when out in the woods.
That's gonna change.
I am currently waiting on getting a TDI LDK, and a Boker Magnum Lil Friend clip point.
I will try out both those, and see which I like better if at all. If I do like them I am thinking of getting some larger neck knives later for testing.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Good news.

I just heard back from my doc, after he reviewed the MRI.
Arthritis and Bursitis.
Not as bad as feared, and he thinks with physical therapy, and continuing on the Meloxicam, I should be fine.
Still, shooting might not be advisable till fully healed....
Airsoft training with my Sig P226 mockup is all I can do besides .22.

American Health Imaging. It's over 9,000...yes I went there

Officially per Blogger I have had over 9,000 views of my blog.

I got my MRI done today, and I must say American Health Imaging is an incredible company. One, they were incredibly nice, well thought out and treated me like a person. Two, they on my arrival notified me there were running late and gave me the option to reschedule. I declined and decided to just wait, and they gave me a $10 gas card for my having to wait. They still got me in quite quickly, and had lockers that actually lock for me to store my belongings in while I was scanned.
Third, they gave me my own copy of my MRI results. This is very nice for second opinion purposes and I have a weird thing were I like to personally see all test results myself, not just go with what the doctor tells me. I have been burned before on that.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

interesting vulgar vs casual

I keep noticing a trend, the more vulgar the post title the more views it gets verses other post titles.
Ah the internet and its different standards.
Personally those are usually my least favorite posts.
They are mostly born of writers block, or frustration needing a vet.

There may be some side effects

When taking Meloxicam make sure you eat before ingesting, puked a lot is all I'm saying.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Couldn't sleep.

Got a few hours of sleep and have been goofing off online. I think taking a concealed carry class again this time using my left hand as my dominate would do me a world of help.

Monday MRI

So the doc after looking at an X-ray decided on a MRI.
In the mean time he gave me a prescription for Tramadol, I apparently get hyper on it.

Do to this all I have switched to carrying left side....
While I can shoot left handed and practice, not enough, with my left side doing everything. It still does not feel right, when dry fire practice I keep wanting to switch my grip. The feeling is akin to wearing a button up shirt with the buttons misaligned.

Ergh, I am tired. I think I'll go to bed.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Arm issues Part 2

Well I went to the doctor January 27th, and started Meloxicam. The arm has just kept getting worse. So much so that I have switched sides now to my left side for carry. I can not even on good days get my right arm back to grip and draw my pistol.
So today I am going back to the doctor, see what he says now. I already have an X-ray of my shoulder and nothing looks out of order, but I will have my doc take a look just in case.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Ass shats.
Okay, I just watched the Cherrio's Superbowl ad after hearing there was a "Controversy" over the Cherrio's ad.
Seriously, it was a sweet, and great ad.
Only a bigoted fucktard would have issue with this commercial.

In no way was this commercial offensive, unless you are a racist bastard.
It's 20fucking14 people, if seeing a black man married to a white woman and having a kid offends you then you can get the fuck out of my gene-pool.

Arm issues

I have for the last few months been having recurring pain in my right elbow and shoulder. So much so I went to the doctor, who gave me a scrip for Meloxicam. It has helped, in fact I found out I have inflammation in all my joints.
Still if I move my shoulder the wrong way it just hurts like hell, and won't stop hurting.
Today it hurts so bad after waking up that I switched carrying from my right side to my left do to that fact I can barely reach my pistol.
So I am thinking I might just be more then recoil sensitive, but actually have some damage in my joints.
Heck, I might just have to switch carrying to my left side for good. Which will be weird considering I have always been a right handed pistol shooter.
Looks like another doctor visit is needed.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nice gifts, and good customers.

I have a regular customer, comes in everyday pretty much and orders the same thing. So when I see him pull into the parking lot I start fixing his order right away.

He always tips, and tips me as well.

We often talk guns, 2A, and general interests.

Today after talking several times before this about knives and comparing a few he came in with a small grocery bag.
Long story short he had several new pocket knives he had bought over the holidays part of several sets he had given as gifts. He just gave me the last of the sets, needless to say I was really thankful and thanked him for this gift.
He also tipped me despite my trying to refuse politely after he had given me these knives.
Unexpected, but certainly not unwelcome.

People can surprise you.