Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You made the Blog

My last post was mostly a throw away post, it was made half jokingly.
Still I got this comment, which deserves a blog post response. Responses will be in bold.

Yeh; That's a great Idea; buy a weapon that will be shot out in five to ten years, so you children can't inherit a working firearm. 
Not all firearms are designed or meant to be passed down, they are heavy use and will either need extensive maintenance or replacement parts.  All metal objects eventually will corrode to dust. You can only delay this with maintenance. If it isn't being made it's corroding.

Or didn't you think that the Clinton AWB was planed from the very beginning to get the "gunnies" started on a fad; To only buy weapons with limited life spans (plastic and alloy Hi-Cap) and thereby ending firearms ownership within a generation.
 Actually no, I think alloy and "plastic" firearms were innovations to improve weight, cost, and other issues. They were designed to make a better more affordable firearm more quickly then traditional all steel, which is heavy and limiting in both size and usability for multiple sized and shaped people.
 You see M-1 Garand's and M-1911s have hundred year lifespans
If shot very little, or have extensively replaced parts and maintenance. This often includes tig welding cracks, or whole new frames on certain pistols do to frame stretching and distortion. 
 M-16s, AR-15s, Glocks, Sigs, and M-9s DON'T.
Oddly, enough there are still Generation 1 Glocks....which are over 30 years old now that I see at the range and they look just as good as a brand new Glock. It all depends on round count, every firearm frame, all firearms parts have a lifespan measured in rounds fired. After X number of rounds that part will most likely fail soon after. 
 Alloy and plastic firearms were meant from the outset to be "combat disposable" .
All weapons are "combat disposable", what ever that means, they accomplish the goal for a fixed number of rounds before they must either be repaired or replaced. They also are designed for a different type of fighting, as well as needs then the older designs that often are heavier, hold less ammo, and limited adjustment  for different users.
 To be used by military's with unlimited funds(other peoples money) and a "throw it away and get a new one" mindset. ---Ray
Sometimes Shit wears out. Or are you still driving on the same tires your car came with?

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