Monday, January 13, 2014

Well Holy Shit.

Striker Fired SIG!

It's for LEOs mostly, but wow, a striker fired Sig.

I have to say if the trigger is anything like the 250's in smoothness, and the grip frames look identical.....I want one.

I like the 250 both in handling and trigger, just never got around to getting one since I have a P226. Now with this hmmm I might just scratch the AK, and get myself a new polymer pistol....

Oh my dad is gonna be ticked, I'll be the black sheep of the family. The first to carry a polymer pistol.


  1. Yeh; That's a great Idea; buy a weapon that will be shot out in five to ten years, so you children can't inherit a working firearm. Or didn't you think that the Clinton AWB was planed from the very beginning to get the "gunnies" started on a fad; To only buy weapons with limited life spans (plastic and alloy Hi-Cap) and thereby ending firearms ownership within a generation. You see M-1 Garand's and M-1911s have hundred year lifespans M-16s, AR-15s, Glocks, Sigs, and M-9s DON'T. Alloy and plastic firearms were meant from the outset to be "combat disposable" . To be used by military's with unlimited funds(other peoples money) and a "throw it away and get a new one" mindset. ---Ray

  2. Oh just for the record, my carry gun is a sig 226. It is around 26 years old, and last time we kept track of rounds it was over 15,000 rounds. No clue what is now, it has had the guide rod, and recoil spring replaced. Sadly it does have a bit more rattle to the slide then when we bought it new. Eventually it will wear out the frame. Oh and this was my Fathers when he started his civilian LEO career, so it did survive to be passed down. Despite it sending 15,000 rounds over 20 years down range.