Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow....what ever you want to call it today something with don or lypse

I live a quick trip outside Outside The Perimeter, Georgia speak for not inside Atlanta. Small town, little budget, and smaller work crews; all while having a very large country to work over. Road are still passable, if you do one thing that I know Atlanta drivers do not know how to do.
Drive under the speed limit, shockingly this would have avoided most of the crap that caused the gridlock all over Inside The Perimeter. 
If you do not know how to drive on snow and ice stay home, you are in danger, and a danger to others.
Hell I know what I am doing and decided to stay home, not because I couldn't drive in this kind of stuff, because I knew most of the other drivers out there didn't have a freaking clue. I stayed home despite school not cancelled, I treat work and school as the same level of importance.

285, 85, and 75 are the road names people, not the speed limits!

Oh yeah, and this should be a no brainer. Keep blankets, food, water, and medical supplies in your car!

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