Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Over slept.

I enjoy picking up old games that I have already beaten and playing them again.

The latest is Doom 3, I've beaten it several times both cheating and not cheating. I still find it creepy as hell. Some of the jump scares have seen better days, but the overall atmosphere is still enough to unnerve.
I still think though, on the whole freaking base there isn't one roll of duct tape? The reason if you haven't played it is that you can either have your flashlight out, and see what is coming, or your weapon....
Also the character you play is a marine, and doesn't know any light and weapon manipulation techniques? I weep for the future if that happens.

Sadly I was wanting to play Half life 2, a game I own but never actually got around to playing, only to find out my copy will not install. Not sure why.

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