Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Odd projects( Grendel P-12 fluff and buff)

First off, dear Mr Kellgren while I love the designs you make, the Grendel P-12 is a sonva bitch to take down.

I decided recently to try my hand at doing a fluff and buff on a Grendel P-12, which involved many times getting skin pinched and caught in the slide against the grip frame.

The good news, the feed ramp took almost no time to get it mirrored in its smoothness.

The bad, the rest of the parts are despite hours of polishing and working over with 0000 steel wool not even close to mirrored. I think it will take far more effort then reasonable to get anything but the feed ramp mirrored.

I do think though that the overall effect is an improvement.

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