Sunday, January 12, 2014

Little thing I do

After reading a year ago that is was bad to rechamber the same round even a few times I started marking rounds that have been chambered.

The way I do it is when I go to do some dry firing I pull the round out and use a sharpy to run a single line down the back of the case across the primer.

Then when I am finished I just pull out the other rounds marked as chambered and put the mag in to chamber a fresh round, then top the mag back up and put it back in the gun.

It also is a good way to tell when its time to buy/shoot your carry ammo and put in new ammo as carry ammo.
Right now when I fill up 2 mags, or 36 rounds, with chambered ammo then I take that to the range to shoot and put new ammo in them for carry.

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