Thursday, January 30, 2014

Case in point

My only neighbor for the last two days has been trying to get one of his cars out of his driveway. He is still trying as I type this.
He keeps flooring it like that will work, no digging, no sand, and nothing under the tires to aid traction.
He is on the slightest of slopes, and keeps spinning out, I think he has moved it a few feet the last two days of trying.
They are driving a sedan, not a subcompact on a steeper sloped driveway. The spinning tire sound is driving me a little batty.
As to why I am not being nice and offering to help, he was friends with my former Asshole downstairs neighbor. The crack head thief, who's son is a meth head thief. Oh and I am pretty sure he has a meth lab. I ain't doing crap to help him.

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