Friday, January 31, 2014

Maxpedition gear

Even though I only have had a few items of Maxpedition gear I always find their stuff great.
Quality is top notch, and customer service fast and good. The only thing is they are not cheap, like the old saying goes Fast, Cheap, or Good; pick one.

Still they are not extremely expensive, just not cheap as hell.
I guess they strike the middle of the road, IE affordable.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Case in point

My only neighbor for the last two days has been trying to get one of his cars out of his driveway. He is still trying as I type this.
He keeps flooring it like that will work, no digging, no sand, and nothing under the tires to aid traction.
He is on the slightest of slopes, and keeps spinning out, I think he has moved it a few feet the last two days of trying.
They are driving a sedan, not a subcompact on a steeper sloped driveway. The spinning tire sound is driving me a little batty.
As to why I am not being nice and offering to help, he was friends with my former Asshole downstairs neighbor. The crack head thief, who's son is a meth head thief. Oh and I am pretty sure he has a meth lab. I ain't doing crap to help him.

Sit down and write.

I have been finding that if I just sit down and start typing topics spring to mind to talk about here.

I want to do a full review of the Maxpedition Jumbo Versapack KISS, but I really don't have the time to do it justice.

I will say this though, it is better then the Fatboy, and honestly should have been what I got in the firstplace.
I do have a habit of over packing, but that's just a bad habit and not the fault of the bag. I just makes it so much easier.
The best part to me is the zippered CCW pocket in the back, it not only holds my spare pistol but spare mags easily. It also allows a much smoother draw from it then the Fatboy.
Also I have an older version of the Fatboy that hooked to your belt to help hold it in place and take some of the load off of your shoulder. The waist strap is much easier to use, and doesn't seem useless honestly like the older Fatboys belt attachment feels. I have used the waist strap more in a month of having it then the Fatboys belt attachment in several years of owning it. 
Finally it does allow me to put everything from the Fatboy into it and still have room to put odds and ends that I need that day.
The one downside is it has less dividers in the separate compartments and pouches, making things a bit and just a bit harder to find and organize. 

Same great quality, and well thought out design. It is so good I got one for me and one for my Spouse.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow....what ever you want to call it today something with don or lypse

I live a quick trip outside Outside The Perimeter, Georgia speak for not inside Atlanta. Small town, little budget, and smaller work crews; all while having a very large country to work over. Road are still passable, if you do one thing that I know Atlanta drivers do not know how to do.
Drive under the speed limit, shockingly this would have avoided most of the crap that caused the gridlock all over Inside The Perimeter. 
If you do not know how to drive on snow and ice stay home, you are in danger, and a danger to others.
Hell I know what I am doing and decided to stay home, not because I couldn't drive in this kind of stuff, because I knew most of the other drivers out there didn't have a freaking clue. I stayed home despite school not cancelled, I treat work and school as the same level of importance.

285, 85, and 75 are the road names people, not the speed limits!

Oh yeah, and this should be a no brainer. Keep blankets, food, water, and medical supplies in your car!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

No fucks were given(and no brains present)

I had to track this one down after I saw this

This lead me to the local news story about it,

He has no brains, and does not give a shit.

Although I imagine his accommodations in the local lock up are less then stellar, stupid should hurt.

Odd projects( Grendel P-12 fluff and buff)

First off, dear Mr Kellgren while I love the designs you make, the Grendel P-12 is a sonva bitch to take down.

I decided recently to try my hand at doing a fluff and buff on a Grendel P-12, which involved many times getting skin pinched and caught in the slide against the grip frame.

The good news, the feed ramp took almost no time to get it mirrored in its smoothness.

The bad, the rest of the parts are despite hours of polishing and working over with 0000 steel wool not even close to mirrored. I think it will take far more effort then reasonable to get anything but the feed ramp mirrored.

I do think though that the overall effect is an improvement.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The R-51

I have to say this first. I was really excited at first to see the R-51 by Remington, an alloy framed single action 9mm without a thumb safety.

Now that I think about it though, and some specs have been revealed, I am disappointed a bit.

One, it is far larger then first alluded to.
Initially it was thought to be almost pocket 9mm, but sadly it is more like a single stack belt gun. Not a great thing considering there are 1911's that are its size and capacity. Hold on let me compare it to Bersa's new BP9CC.
                Bersa                   R-51
Weight 20 oz
Width .96
Length 6 inches
Height 4.5 inches
Barrel length 3.4 - See more at:
Weight 20 oz
Width .96
Length 6 inches
Height 4.5 inches
Barrel length 3.4 - See more at:
Width      1.05"                   1,00"    0.96"
Length     6.35"                   6.60"    6.00"
Height     5.00"                    4.60"   4.50"
Weight     21oz                    22oz    20oz
*Bersa stats from's Jeff Quinn, R-51 stats first from Wikipedia another set from's Phil White
(Little aside, I trust Jeff Quinn on stats. The man gets out the calipers. So until I see his stats on the R-51 who knows really.)
Personally I think the height stats aren't correct, seeing it in Eric from IV8888 hand it seems bigger.

Two, the trigger is quoted by some(namely Eric from IraqiVeteran8888) as having a "mushy" reset.
A mushy reset is almost killer for some. I have a Grendel P12, it has the Mushiest reset ever in my experience. I have never been able to feel the reset. Which makes quick accurate fire difficult for some. I know for fast shots with the Grendel I am stuck almost slapping the trigger.

Three, the grip safety.
Initially I wasn't that concerned with it, but now after thinking a bit more, and considering my feelings on 1911's and XD's I'm pretty sure I don't like it. If you aren't holding it 100% perfectly then will the grip safety deactivate and allow you to fire? This is a poor choice in my opinion for a defensive arm. The main reason for this for me is the one and hopefully only time I've drawn my pistol. I was under a truck, and actually barely was able to get a grip on it. Hell pulled my shoulder out of socket to draw, and thus I learned to like holsters that either arm can draw from. Also that shit happens and you may not be at 100% when you need to use your pistol, this includes hand strength and grip.
Another point, I have seen stuff stuck under 1911 grip safeties. The offending articles were only found during a detailed you can see why I get hinky when I see a grip safety on a pistol.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

School day

After classes I found a DnD group starting up. I unfortunately was unable to join, but still it made me miss gaming.

I wonder if I can find another group to join, a game of shadow run would be fun.  I kinda got a little annoyed with some of the DnD players that tend to run around here. I do not want to just kill everything and take all its stuff, I want a story. A great story would be even better, and actual character development.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mini rant

Okay seriously, WTH, the teacher in my English class gets on to people talking, then starts talking twice as loud with other students about non class topics. I literally had to turn up my ipod to drown her out so I could concentrate on what I was reading.
Like you said this is time to focus on class work, not carrying on with your friends.
Also the word is Scared not Scerd or how ever the hell you spell it.

Just remember Cooperate N' Graduate. CNG folks CNG.

Breakfast....or dinner...nevermind Food.

I can cook eggs like a champ, omelets easy, sunny side up nothing, over light come one challenge me .

I decided on scrambled eggs with pepper jack cheese, pepper, and bacon.
Cooked slightly wet, and served with coke to drink....

My diet should have killed me.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Good Puppy.....put down the bear....

Giant dog I actually have personally seen these dogs. There was a U.S. breeder who I ran into years ago, he though had bred them larger, he said mostly do to finding one with a form of gigantism and finding more and starting his own breeding pack . The one I met was almost 4 feet at the shoulder, although the man did say this was his largest dog. Most of his were three feet at the shoulder. He also trained his very well to be more docile then the breed is usually.
 Here is some wiki fodder for ya.
Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Now my Spouse wants one....

Friday, January 17, 2014

One chicken minus head

Currently running around starting college, during the day, and working nights. So yeah busy as hell.

On other news got my Spouse health insurance, it doubled my payments. So money just got real tight.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Over slept.

I enjoy picking up old games that I have already beaten and playing them again.

The latest is Doom 3, I've beaten it several times both cheating and not cheating. I still find it creepy as hell. Some of the jump scares have seen better days, but the overall atmosphere is still enough to unnerve.
I still think though, on the whole freaking base there isn't one roll of duct tape? The reason if you haven't played it is that you can either have your flashlight out, and see what is coming, or your weapon....
Also the character you play is a marine, and doesn't know any light and weapon manipulation techniques? I weep for the future if that happens.

Sadly I was wanting to play Half life 2, a game I own but never actually got around to playing, only to find out my copy will not install. Not sure why.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You made the Blog

My last post was mostly a throw away post, it was made half jokingly.
Still I got this comment, which deserves a blog post response. Responses will be in bold.

Yeh; That's a great Idea; buy a weapon that will be shot out in five to ten years, so you children can't inherit a working firearm. 
Not all firearms are designed or meant to be passed down, they are heavy use and will either need extensive maintenance or replacement parts.  All metal objects eventually will corrode to dust. You can only delay this with maintenance. If it isn't being made it's corroding.

Or didn't you think that the Clinton AWB was planed from the very beginning to get the "gunnies" started on a fad; To only buy weapons with limited life spans (plastic and alloy Hi-Cap) and thereby ending firearms ownership within a generation.
 Actually no, I think alloy and "plastic" firearms were innovations to improve weight, cost, and other issues. They were designed to make a better more affordable firearm more quickly then traditional all steel, which is heavy and limiting in both size and usability for multiple sized and shaped people.
 You see M-1 Garand's and M-1911s have hundred year lifespans
If shot very little, or have extensively replaced parts and maintenance. This often includes tig welding cracks, or whole new frames on certain pistols do to frame stretching and distortion. 
 M-16s, AR-15s, Glocks, Sigs, and M-9s DON'T.
Oddly, enough there are still Generation 1 Glocks....which are over 30 years old now that I see at the range and they look just as good as a brand new Glock. It all depends on round count, every firearm frame, all firearms parts have a lifespan measured in rounds fired. After X number of rounds that part will most likely fail soon after. 
 Alloy and plastic firearms were meant from the outset to be "combat disposable" .
All weapons are "combat disposable", what ever that means, they accomplish the goal for a fixed number of rounds before they must either be repaired or replaced. They also are designed for a different type of fighting, as well as needs then the older designs that often are heavier, hold less ammo, and limited adjustment  for different users.
 To be used by military's with unlimited funds(other peoples money) and a "throw it away and get a new one" mindset. ---Ray
Sometimes Shit wears out. Or are you still driving on the same tires your car came with?

Monday, January 13, 2014

Well Holy Shit.

Striker Fired SIG!

It's for LEOs mostly, but wow, a striker fired Sig.

I have to say if the trigger is anything like the 250's in smoothness, and the grip frames look identical.....I want one.

I like the 250 both in handling and trigger, just never got around to getting one since I have a P226. Now with this hmmm I might just scratch the AK, and get myself a new polymer pistol....

Oh my dad is gonna be ticked, I'll be the black sheep of the family. The first to carry a polymer pistol.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Trauma kit not included....

Rail Mounted Chainsaw

So, how long till we see someone at the range with this Self inflicted amputation device?

Or worse yet some LEO agency rocking these for their SWAT team...

Little thing I do

After reading a year ago that is was bad to rechamber the same round even a few times I started marking rounds that have been chambered.

The way I do it is when I go to do some dry firing I pull the round out and use a sharpy to run a single line down the back of the case across the primer.

Then when I am finished I just pull out the other rounds marked as chambered and put the mag in to chamber a fresh round, then top the mag back up and put it back in the gun.

It also is a good way to tell when its time to buy/shoot your carry ammo and put in new ammo as carry ammo.
Right now when I fill up 2 mags, or 36 rounds, with chambered ammo then I take that to the range to shoot and put new ammo in them for carry.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sick day.

I've been thinking of using my tax refund....if it get one, to get a AK variant. Nothing fancy, just something to plink with and shoot at the range mostly, work on my rifle skills. Also as something to hand to someone else if the SHTF, and their sans SHTF item 1.

Still I got to find out more about AK's so if you know where to get some info drop me a comment.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Odd pup

My Spouse tried a recipe for Kale chips, they did not meet with satisfaction. Oddly though when one was dropped after being made our dog Bau snapped it up and ate it. Now Bau is literally giving us puppy eyes to get more Kale chips. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, new blade

I decided to pick up a new pocket knife....mostly do to my Spouse losing one of my pocket knifes. So I stopped by store in Ga and check out their knives. After comparing a lot of them I finally decided on a Kershaw shuffle. It's pretty nice, its tip up carry, bottle opener and a flat head screwdriver on the handle. Locks up great, came shave you sharp, and real handy.

One of the more interesting design parts is the pocket clip in a reverse grip gives you a nice place to put your thumb, that way its not on the pointed flathead screwdriver tip.