Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Interesting holsters.

I switched on a pure impulse my carry holster, a Ace Case IWB right handed holster, to a Blackhawk Serpa level 2 Sportster. This was about 3 weeks ago now, here are my opinions.

The Ace Case conceals well, is very comfortable, is leather and nylon trimmed. It simply clips on and off, and other then collapsing when the Sig isn't in it pretty much one of my best holsters to date. It also is cheap. Currently selling for 15 dollars, I got my first one in 07 for around 7 bucks. It is no thrills, bare bones, but completely functional and comfortable for me. The bad thing is that the holster tilts a little too easily through out the days movements, but it is a single point clip. Also that it collapses after drawing from, but I'm not a believer in the one handed not looking as you reholster camp. Look as you holster and use both hands to make sure the holster is clear and that its clothing free to reholster.

The Serpa conceals okay under a jacket, but not under shirts. Even shirts 2 sizes to large. The locking system is easy to adjust to actually, still takes a bit of practice to get in the proper draw. It also a paddle style, but does not clip on or off as easily, and in fact is a pain to take off. It does make a okay open carry holster, still not as comfortable as my Ace Case. It also is 30 dollars.
My main complaints are the paddle width is far too wide, it would be nice if there were different sizes. I am smaller then average, thus the paddle digs in no matter what. I also think the holster sticks out far too wide, and this is mainly do to the mount holes for the main holster body actually sticking out nearly a quarter inch.

So am I sticking with the Serpa....probably not. It just isn't as comfortable, or conceal as well when I want to conceal.

Pardon any typos or grammar errors, cant find my glasses today, and can barely see to type.