Friday, August 16, 2013

Things I learned at IDPA

1: HKS speedloaders can drop all but one or more rounds in the cylinder of a revolver, and the rest on the ground during stressful reloads.

2: The stock sights on a K-frame smith are invisible in low light, and a flashlight does not always work to see them.

3: My arm can no longer take even .38special
 without hurting weeks later.

4: My point shooting out to 10 yards is pretty good, as in -1 was except for a couple targets was the worst I did.

5: I love the trigger on my Smith.

6: I do not like how slow I'm at reloading a revolver.

7: I do not want to fire my revolver one handed ever again, even though it is a K-frame smith firing target .38special.

So in conclusion, I am thinking selling my revolver and getting something lighter recoiling. 

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