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Sunday, July 28, 2013

New way of carry needed

Well, my doc thinks my recent neck and back issues might be cause by my carrying.

He recommends changing how I carry, give my back and neck a change of pace and heal up. So now instead of a belt holster on my right hip I need something different. It was suggested a shoulder holster, anyone tried this themselves did it help?


  1. Iffen you are old enough, you could maybe get a fanny pack or a small sling bag - after all it is only oldsters and the fashion challenged that do so...............'-)
    Shoulder holsters will only work (well) with with a vest or jacket - not viable in hot climates.

  2. Sadly fanny pack not gonna work, its the pressure and weight on my hips that's causing the problem. I also already use a sling bag,not often but sometimes. It just gets in the way a lot.

  3. Try an Alissa shoulder rig. Incredibly comfortable. I carry a 10mm double stack and 54 rds of ammo with no discomfort. Use a light vest or over shirt.