Sunday, June 30, 2013

The answer to face hating AR's

AR-15 Brass Deflector
The answer to my big question on the AR build, left handed or right handed.

First left handed AR's are more expensive use nonstandard parts, and often are brand proprietary.
So do I get a rightly, and embrace the suck of brass in the face or get a more expensive and nonstandard AR parted AR. Thus making repairs and maintenance more expensive.

25 bucks wins on this decision.


  1. Well you could all ways buy a REAL rifle like the M-1a or M-1 Garand or some other real MAN gun. Just remember there have been more AR-15's go KB than all other firearms in history COMBINED (OVER 90000)

  2. 90,000. I find that number suspect, source please. Also every other gun in history? I suspect that number is well over 90,000 in firearms history. Finally did you read my last two posts I detest the AR-15/M-16, this is a sadistic impulse. My preference is .30 caliber minimum. .223 does not meet this for anything but rabbit, or target practice.