Friday, May 31, 2013

Part time I said.

When I started my new job I made it clear this was to be a part time job while I go to school. I am now every week trying not to get over time.
Once again my own work ethic has bit me in the butt. I can barely get my school stuff done because I literally am bouncing shifts and fighting not to get overtime, meanwhile another worker put in his two weeks notice.

I would like to go shooting, but frankly just no way to do it.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tablet update, and new firearm.

Lets just say couponing and deal shopping is paying off. Got a new tablet a nexus 7 for free. Now blogging will be easier and faster.

 As to firearms I got a Crickett rifle in OD green. Mostly as a pack rifle but also do some plinking and to teach my Partner how to shoot.
Haven't gotten to shoot it yet but I love the sights. Simple ghost ring with triangle front blade. Rear adjustable for windage and elevation.
One big plus is the front blade can be changed easily. Comes in at under 3 pounds. It also fits completely in my pack,