Monday, December 10, 2012

Jobs suck sometimes.

Signs its time to find new employ, I am writing this much after the fact. My former boss, after accusing me of stealing a few months ago, and this is before I find out he had already caught the thief once before stealing, said thief steals again and gets fired. This I later find out after my general manager(the second one since I started)tells me, then my boss tells me this too... This after numerous requests for a simple and slight change of schedule comes the fun part, the general manager leaves, second one I've seen come and go, and makes me longest running manager there...., the boss moves one of his employees from another store to mine, at a higher position and pay. Then I find out the real reason why he was moved, he was a Driver at the other store and had gotten a DUI, for this he was promoted above me and at higher pay. Thus I am now saying screw that shit, and signed up for college, its time to use my GI bill. Oddly I will get more money going to school then working.

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