Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Smarter then Hell!

My cat is the smartest damn cat ever. He after being chased out of the in-laws house by their terrier through a doggie door in a new city in a new house, which he has only seen one room. Then outside of the yard and gone for two hours, he walked back into the yard back, into the house through the doggie door, back up the stairs and paws at the door to the bedroom we all have been sleeping in the last few days.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Pardon this entry will be more of a personal entry then anything else.

I am conflicted, by my ideals and the harsh realities of man.

Corruption is unavoidable, evil, and insanity are as much a part of the human as death and birth. Civilization is the quest to limit these things, but they will never be in my opinion eliminated. They are both hindrances and safety nets for extreme situations. I literally studied every religion I could find, and found them all lacking. So I made my own, the same with my politics. Sadly I find my politics conflicted, and when I say politics I must clarify in that I mean my own balance between my ideals and reality in how I act and think.

On one had I want to vote for the candidate that I believe will do my country and society the most good, on the other I wish to minimize the evil, corruption, and insanity of others. Thus I am conflicted to which is the best choice. I have yet to find a candidate that will do the most good, but I know which one will most likely do the worst. Still the gamble in a way seems pointless, because I realize the society I live in does not think at all like me, some are closer, but none are quite like me.

Nature in a way I see eliminates the radical, it prefers a certain level of conformity. Still the radical can be a new path, and I wonder am I on the right path, or a societal dead end.

I know this all sounds kinda vague, because it is, it is not the specific talking point of the day, it is the geist of my thinking.

I guess Im trying to work this out and hope by typing this out I will gain insight.

Perhaps I should be thinking more "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."-Edmund Burke, for I believe far to many do not think at all except for the petty vices and distractions of the difficulties of life. We all are addicts of something, mine just happens to be living free.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Guns4pennies update

Well curiosity got the better of me. I signed up for, wow. This site charges from .90 cents to .68 cents for each bid. You can buy 50 bids for 45 bucks, to 1000 bids for 680.00 dollars. So an item that finally sells for 1.70 they make at minimum 115.60 dollars plus the 1.70. Most items are going around 20-60 bucks, so that means they are making 1360 to 4080 on each auction.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Holy shit fan Sqeee, Beauty and the Beast reboot Please let them not fuck this up.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

This should not make me giggle.

A certain firearms photographer, Oleg Volk, posted a like on his face FB page. After watching for a solid 20 minutes I could stop giggling everytime a auction got to the last second only too restart the clock plus 20 seconds. You see every bid adds that much time to the auction, thus making me giggle with sadistic glee. "Awww did you want that HK? To bad got to bid again. Did you win this time, NO." honestly its kinda depressing, and now that Olegs let the cat out of the bag no auction will end without a dragout fight to the online death of week long struggles. Still a Sig556 would be sweet.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stupid is my name

Tried going to work today, stupid is all i have to say.

Not broken, kinda worse.

The good news, foot is not broken. The bad, lost bone density and have some bone deformities on my left foot. Calcium levels are normal, but for me its low, also means my osteopetrosis is getting really wonky in new bone growth. I will have to start taking supplements, or change diet, and start monitoring any changes in my skeleton. Which is going to be a bitch without insurance. If things get worse I could end up disabled, blind, deaf, or all of the above. I've already started a diet change, drinking a lot of milk(a gallon just the last few days), and eating more foods high in D and Calcium.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pain filled insomnia

Son of a rabid monkey it sucks when painkillers wear off in the middle of the night.

Osteopetrosis sucks.

Well bad news, a few days ago my left foot started hurting, and now its hurting like I've taken up recreational foot shooting. I think its broken, but honestly can't remember doing anything that could have broken it. Which might mean a symptom I've been missing is starting to happen. I've got marble bones (osteopetrosis), before hand it just ment I had really dense bones, but everyone was amazed I didn't have the hallmark symptom of broken bones. It comes from the fact the cycle of the bones being broken down and rebuilt is out of wack, and it can create weak spots, or deformity. Early on-set often is fatal before age ten, later on-set often just means deformity and broken bones.