Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ga Department of Revenue are idiots.

I just got a notice 10 days after they did so, that the Georgia Department of Revenue has suspended my cars registration for no insurance coverage....even though I have already sent them twice and so has my insurance company as well that my car has been insured with no gaps in coverage.

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  1. The tales I could share about that exact same problem.

    I cancelled my policy when I moved to TN. My agent didn't cancel policy properly, so my lack of payments resulted in autosuspension.

    I didn't find out until a month or two later when I tried to get a TN license, only to be told that GA had suspended me.

    Long story short, it took six years and a judge to completely un-screw that situation. Considering how many times (two) I wound up having to drive to the nearest GA State Patrol post in person, I'm just glad I had moved to Knoxville and not Anchorage...