Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ah Swype...the experiment is over.

My Partner somehow switched to Swype on one of our mobile devices, the other is currently down, and its been interesting.
Swype has the speed for texting, and the corrective abilities to match, what it lacks is versatility, and ergonomics for single hand use or two handed use really either.

It does away with the androids ".com"button completely, and places the period in the most difficult to reach spot. Add in a dose of poorly sized keys and a silly drag to type function that just is clumsy without a lot of training. Ive been using it for a week now and still it is far slower then normal typing on the phone. It also removes a nice feature of the standard Android keyboard, arrow keys.

The only nice thing about it I can say is a separate "enter" and "go" buttons that make typing in certain webpage fields easier.

Why did I try it for a week if I didn't like it since day one? Couldn't figure out how to switch back.....til today.

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