Saturday, June 2, 2012

Well its time to get this out in the open.

I hate the AR-15/M-16. I just do not trust them, to quote a movie "I Had A Bad Experience!". First time ever handling the M-16 when I was in basic training was less then inspiring. In the 40 rounds I was allowed to qualify with I had 12 jams, and lost a round do to malfunction.

It just would not reliably cycle. SPORTS, was used so often that the range master told me to "Forget time, just shoot." So it took me several minutes after the rest of my flight had finished qualifying to shoot my 39 rounds. I was almost so frustrated that I wanted to chuck the rifle at the target.

Throw in the fact that every other M-16 I saw there had at least one get the point.

Another black mark is the caliber, 5.56. It's a .22, I at minimum want .30 caliber, less than that is for rabbits in my mind.

I also shoot left handed with longguns, which makes the M-16 a face hating weapon of pain. Yes there are left handed versions of the AR, but the M-16 no.

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