Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I think its time to show.

Well its time to add pictures to this blog. My subject matter will be my maverick 88 shotgun. It's been changed. Not major, but a thing or two. Now I just have to figure out how to get pictures posted.....

I started with the Maverick 88 security, 7+1 capacity 12ga. 20" barrel, fixed stock. I've added a blackhawk 3point sling, and strapped the extra attachment options onto the stock. Why because slings usually break at the attachment points, and I like a spare. Then I added a simple no name brand shell holder onto the stock.

Next mod is going to be heatshield with ghost ring sights intergrated. I just can't get a feel for the front bead sight.

I also am thinking of a voodoo tactical chestrig, just for shits and giggles. Throw in some shell holder inserts in the mag pouches, because all the shotgun rigs I've seen aren't how I want it. It won't be fast, but it will be trim and functional. Plus the voodoo gear is affordable, and doesn't scream tacticool.

I don't know why crossdraw vests are so common, they are bulky, and cumbersome. Plus they kill your back from what I've seen, your mileage may very.


  1. Between the armor and all the other crap on the belt, the pistol had to go someplace else.

    At first, drop-leg holsters became common, but troops spend a lot of time riding around in HMMWVs and MRAPs now, and seated in one of those things, a pistol in a thigh holster might as wll be on the moon for all you can get at it in a hurry.

    Hence, vest holsters. (Which are just a reboot of the old WWII-era tanker's holster, when you think about it, and for much the same reasons.)

    1. I can see the logic there. Just doesn't fit me I guess. Right handed pistol shooter, left handed long gun. Dang sling would constantly get hung up on the grip I think. Still why at the curve of the body? The place that would cause the grip the stick out the most? I've seen one vest that puts it directly at your side, all the rest are at the dang curve. Thanks for the insight though.
      Odd thought though, what if you're on the right side, right handed and the target is on the right? I know its next to impossible to twist in a vehicle in full gear. Maybe I'm overthinking it.

    2. For a right-handed shooter it should be high on the left chest.

      Of course, a lot of low-end nylon gear manufacturers ape the style without knowing the real "why" behind it. (For instance, notice how few have the holster angled so that it's easy to draw in a vehicle.)

      Me, I used a regular belt holster on my "bug-out belt" until the addition of a FAK and a NOD pouch made the belt real-estate too cramped. I then went with a modified Safariland drop-thigh since I'm not wearing body armor or riding around in MRAPs. :)