Saturday, May 5, 2012

DMV, do I even have to say it.

Today the Other Half had an exam, their finals exam to be exact. This requires showing up with photo ID, something they discovered was missing, so off to the DMV. (Where is the thunderclap, that deserves a thunder clap?)
Actually the Georgia DMV isn't bad, and its lightspeed compared to Florida's. The PIMA(Pain I My Ass), is having to disarm, really I've jumped through all the legal hoops of two different states, been trained by the military, and been shooting safely since I was 6, and I have to disarm....

I have to leave a gun either at home or in a car in a travel safe, because someone thinks that I am a danger....that's what it tells me, because you don't have metal detectors or any searches for weapons on entering. This seems a bit pointless, why make it a off limits place but not secure it against what you are trying to keep out. Right that's it it is pointless because if we can't keep Charles freaking Manson in one of the highest security prisons from getting a cellphone, weapons, and drugs then its not going to work outside a prison.

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