Monday, May 28, 2012


Remember why we are the country we are today, and don't throw their sacrifice away in vain.

Today is a day that makes me very sad, and pissed off at the same time.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Not much of a TV watcher.

I don't watch TV, mostly because its an expense I do not need. I do have internet, and thus am able to watch some shows online. Shows like Awake on NBC, which is one of two shows I actually watch. Well the Series Finale happened, the show is cancelled, and the main character is well...... I haven't a freaking clue.

Spoiler alert.

He somehow joins a world where both his wife and son are alive, either he creates it in his own mind, wakes up from a terrible dream, or creates a new reality somehow to live in.

All of these are possible, and frankly the most likely answer is that he is unconscious still from the accident and has dreamed two separate worlds to deal with the potential loss of his son or wife or both. That this new reality is a further coping mechanism, and not the true reality. This would explain the ability of information from one world to play out in another, they both are constructs of his mind. If you notice he doesn't actually remember anything before the accident, no flashbacks to before that night, so somehow I believe his mind is piecing together someway to deal with the accident, and potential tragedy from it.

Further it was hinted that he was drinking before driving, and thus the two worlds and the conspiracy stretching between the two is a way to deflect guilt for possibly killing his family while driving. No ill intent of others, just a stupid choice that may cost him his family, and as such is unbearable for his mind to deal with.

Eh, what do I know, its a tv show, thats been cancelled.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Cats to Dang smart.

My cat realizing he can not open the treat bags without thumbs now brings me the bag and drops it at my feet. This is followed with the "open my treats now" look.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A little update

I went to the hospital after collapsing at work, had security and mental health show up. Overall almost go committed because the mental health people do not understand English, or the law. Thanks to my Partner and I am not currently blogging from the nut hut.

Then a week after that I went to a little destress event where I met Borepatch, NC gun blog, and Fillyerhands. As well as some other blothers that do to stupid medicine side effects I have for gotten their names. Much pardons for such, it is not intentional.

Friday, May 18, 2012

English mofo do you speak it?!

Was in  the hospital, mental health can not tell the difference between a permit and a weapon, at least when used in a sentence. If I get ten thirteened, committed, because the mental health people don't understand English I will be most upset.
Update more later.
Go in for collapsing at work, get a mental health exam...not free of charge.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weight log

To kinda keep track myself I will be updating my weight here.
Today I am 124.5, a new record since I met my Partner.

In other new the new phone a Samsung model #SGH-A777 phone works ok, but I am having volume issues. Being partially deaf this is a problem. I'm trying to make sure its the phone first and not me doing something stupid.
It's a phone, Bluetooth, and standard features. Oh yeah and a slider.
Maybe next phone I will join the Other Half and get a smartphone.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

DMV, do I even have to say it.

Today the Other Half had an exam, their finals exam to be exact. This requires showing up with photo ID, something they discovered was missing, so off to the DMV. (Where is the thunderclap, that deserves a thunder clap?)
Actually the Georgia DMV isn't bad, and its lightspeed compared to Florida's. The PIMA(Pain I My Ass), is having to disarm, really I've jumped through all the legal hoops of two different states, been trained by the military, and been shooting safely since I was 6, and I have to disarm....

I have to leave a gun either at home or in a car in a travel safe, because someone thinks that I am a danger....that's what it tells me, because you don't have metal detectors or any searches for weapons on entering. This seems a bit pointless, why make it a off limits place but not secure it against what you are trying to keep out. Right that's it it is pointless because if we can't keep Charles freaking Manson in one of the highest security prisons from getting a cellphone, weapons, and drugs then its not going to work outside a prison.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Another day another OC non event

I broke the screen on my cell yesterday, long story short calling a 10am when I went to bed at 5am leads to clumsy fumbling and thrown phones. So had to get a new one, thankfully I had an upgrade available. So I took a trip to my local cell companys store to get a new one. Free can't be beat. So in the store is several people, one of which asked a ton of questions about me carrying. I gave the guy, 19 by his admission, what I knew even though he showed a complete lack of understanding of the laws, or firearms in general. Eh we can't know everything.

Still other then questions, not a word was said.

What do you get....

Nother day older and drowning in debt.