Sunday, April 29, 2012

Interesting Doctor visit

As I mentioned before I went to the doctor...

I to sum up a long story got locked out of my house, which required me breaking the window, and cutting up my right hand. My doctor knows I carry, so does all of his staff. So as I'm being weighed and such the nurse asks me if I am carrying. I think I replied with, " are my pants on?" In a joking manner. She asked me to take it off so they could get an accurate weight for me, the previous times I was not carrying do to being drugged heavily with cold meds each time. So I did so and not a word was said. Infact I asked her to shut the door, she didn't see a problem at all with me unholstering.

My only thing is I don't like to unholster at all, but accurate weight measures are important for my health. So I'll do so for this.

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