Monday, April 30, 2012

Picnic time!

On a local gun board we had a open carrier arrested for well open carrying, despite Georgia law saying it is perfectly legal. But they are charging him with Criminal Trespass, which while armed is a felony.

The main reason he got CT was due to a "park security guard", who accosted him and didn't like him being "rude". Who then called the cops about him and I quote from the police report " a suspicious person carrying a pistol", that's line one of the officers report.

So I'm trying to get others to join me in a open carry picnic.
We'll see how well this goes.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Interesting Doctor visit

As I mentioned before I went to the doctor...

I to sum up a long story got locked out of my house, which required me breaking the window, and cutting up my right hand. My doctor knows I carry, so does all of his staff. So as I'm being weighed and such the nurse asks me if I am carrying. I think I replied with, " are my pants on?" In a joking manner. She asked me to take it off so they could get an accurate weight for me, the previous times I was not carrying do to being drugged heavily with cold meds each time. So I did so and not a word was said. Infact I asked her to shut the door, she didn't see a problem at all with me unholstering.

My only thing is I don't like to unholster at all, but accurate weight measures are important for my health. So I'll do so for this.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Whoa, 5 pounds.

I just started this new medication to help me gain weight. I've gained 5 pounds in less than a week. I had been losing a lot of weight, working around food will make you not want to eat. I plan on keeping on this till I gain 25 more pounds at least.

That should put me at minimum body weight for me, and put me at my heaviest ever.

A new candy store.

Yesterday being my day off I finally went to see the new Academy Outdoor store. Whoohoo new toy store! They had a decent sized gun counter, and shelves and shelves of ammo, parts, and accessories. (Wow that's a clunky sentence.) They also have the best prices I've seen all year.

So as I'm checking out things this lady is asking about various pistols, and the clerk actually says "I don't know", so I fill in a quick answer, which lead to me explaining a few basics about pistols for the lady. Had a nice chat about carrying, and tried to give her some info so she could pick the best pistol for her.

Funny thing was the staff were very nice but a little green. Just as I was about to leave one guy was asking the gun counter clerk about a beretta neo specifically about the dial just under the barrel, not a gun I am terribly familiar with, and this is where the clerk gets an A+, he said and this is paraphrased "I don't know. Why don't we ask this guy" motions at me "he seems to know a bit about guns."
He actually admitted not knowing something and asked someone else for info.

Sadly I hadn't a clue what it was for, we all speculated a bit, but none of us knew for certain. For the record its what holds the barrel on, its part of the takedown.

Overall a nice experience, and welcome addition.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

No I am not dead

I just finally became a manger and well working butt off and trying to get some life stuff fixed.