Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Haven't updated in awhile.

Well a little update.

My Partner was released from the hospital a few weeks ago, they are doing ok, but things have been a bit rocky in places.

Second work is going well, I am currently still training for Management. The pace though is slow, the last real hurdle is making a great pizza. That is the big thing with the owner before he will move someone into a management postition.

Third, I might just have a range buddy. One of the rules my Dad taught me was that you never go to the range alone. I now have someone that I trust to go to the range with me.

Fourth, we need internet at the house. We still are without internet at the house.

Fifth, we have a new car. A 1983 Ford Futura with 41,000 miles. Runs great just the carb sticks a bit till she warms up. Still she runs and thats all that matters.