Thursday, December 22, 2011

Well this might work.

Okay, a bit of change in plans. I will not be getting a Sig P220, instead I will be buying from my dad his Sig P226! This is the very first gun I ever shot, literally. I was 6, and my dad had spent like a year getting me ready. Then one day he took me to the range loaded on round and showed me everything I needed to do, then let me shoot my first gun.

This gun is also the reason in my opinion that I still have both my parents. My father was carrying this very pistol the night my mom was working at a gas station when my dad stopped in to give my mom a sweater. Long story short my mom and dad came home that night. Thus this pistol has strong sentimental value to me.

Still its has brought to light somethings that I need to remember more. I'll go into those things in a later post. I just finished my first day of work, and I have to work tomorrow so bed time for me.

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