Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I have a secret plan.

I have a blog I am very near a "Brady chapter" (spit), let's see what happens when I call and ask for an interview. Oddly the only contact method I've found is on the Brady(spit) site. Should I just take everything they say and then show them the lies after they say them, or should I just let them walk into the wall that is reality here?

They love playing the gotcha games, why don't we turn the tables. One last coffin nail that is reality. We are winning. Let us finish the fight. Any ideas? I've got a few, like a protest at their headquarters. One big enough that the news can't ignore. Also a letter writing campaign, bury them in letters, emails, and tweets. All on the same day, with one line. "We want our rights!"

We didn't start this fight but we know what to do about it!

"Silly legal stuff, I in no way endorse or support illegal violence, or any criminal activity. Follow all laws and ordinances of your area and country with your activities."

We all know that last bit will be taken out if the anti-rights group posts my little blog post.

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