Sunday, November 20, 2011

Suckage cranked to 11.

 I the night of the 16th had my home broken into, and I know who it is just can't prove it, and they stole one thing. My plinker rifle....I am not a happy monkey, I am the 800 pound gorrilla amped up on PCP PISSED THE FUCK OFF! I can't even type straight sometimes when I think about it. Basically scumbag lowlife shit for brains career crook broke into my home and stole a weapon. Ignored the PS2, the TV, the jug o change, and money laying on the night stand, and just steal the rifle he just became a threat. Play nice, play innocent, see how long he stays out when I finally track down your Parole Office!

He's broken into my home twice now, and this time he stole a weapon. I am done playing nice.

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