Monday, September 12, 2011

Yesterday something about it really bugs me.

Yesterday was the anniversary of 9-11, and all day something was bugging me. I joined after 2001, and honestly I don't feel like a vet, I was a wrenchmonkey for a recon bird. I know everyone has their part, heck I even know some of the stuff my bird personally did, still doesn't feel like I did squat.

Basically I just feel empty, no closure, no feeling like I did anything really. Hell I'm partly thinking maybe after 10 years things are worse, or maybe my eyes are more open to the truth now.

It honestly kinda bugs me when people thank me "for my service", because honestly I don't feel like I deserve it. There are guys and gals that put it on the line, and did more then me. I busted ass, and I worked hard, but at the end of my term I just didn't see anything saying I did anything.

I saw too many people that took a lot of damage, and honestly I'm starting to have doubts that its worth it.

You write to your congressman, and instead of nothing or a personal letter you get a canned email that tells you nothing. Or worse that they still are going to do what you don't want them to do. Gridlock over paying our bills, and generally dishonorable behavior by a large portion of anyone in "government".

So kinda echoing others, "What the hell happened to my country?" or was I just deluded in the first place?


  1. Well, thanks for doing that service-thing anyhow - some of us are too old and useless to be accepted.

  2. Thanks,sorry about delay finally got it to let me comment back.

  3. That's OK, I'm slow on the uptake-loop!