Friday, September 16, 2011

Look out Tennessee

Im going to be in Tennessee visiting inlaws. I should be gone only a few days, but eh figured I would talk about it. I am so not looking forward to this, Tennessee inlaws always want to go out to eat to one place that is Verboten. I swear they do it to annoy me, but honestly I know they don't even realize it.

Honestly when I see a no gun sign I see a sign that reads to me "No Fags/Rednecks/slur of your choice" Because honestly its what it is, its a "We don't want your kind" sign. Its bigotry that's acceptable.

I've seen signs in bars and clubs that say "No Fags" and after that I turned around and spent my money elsewhere, and made sure to pass the word. Sadly I have to play nice with the inlaws about this place. Still I see it as an insult and I know they won't understand.

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