Thursday, September 22, 2011

....I need a new holster.

I just finished earlier practicing my drawing from concealment for my BUG and primary....

My Bersa holsters clip is now not holding onto my pants and the whole thing is coming out with my Bersa. Ug, just what I needed another expense. I think its time to go with a holster that snaps around the belt, or the belt threads through the holster. Anyone got one they would be willing to sell cheap? Didn't think so, gonna go check Ebay, craigslist, or the forums. 

Oh yeah signing up for the USAF reserves, apparently they will take me. Kinda just blogging to blog.


  1. Try a talon from Dragon Leatherworks, a custom holster from Mike at Theholstersite, or something from Comp-Tac.

    I really like the MTAC for CCW, and I to had one of those clip-on holsters for my Bersa when I first got it.

  2. Wish I had the money for that right now, thanks for the suggestion though. I'm thinking a Bianchi holster, one of their new molded synthetic ones.