Wednesday, September 14, 2011

HR 822

Honestly I'm kinda for this bill. It seems like a great thing, although I am leery of how it could be twisted.

First off it gets the federal governments fingers into the whole states licenses, if they can force states to accept each others permits then one bad bill could start adding "requirements" on licenses to be valid. Imagine one day your permits valid the next you're a felon.

Second it could honestly cause a backlash in certain states, remember folks it was Florida that really got the ball rolling for Carry Permits nation wide. (honestly not much of chance but eh remember the AWB?)

Third we don't know what this bill is going to look like in the end, making sausage is far less nasty then how some bills get made. Who knows it may get turned into an Anti-gun bill with some of the amendments that get added. I hope it keeps to its original as much as possible, maybe improved.

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