Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bachmann you IDIOT!

Okay not saying Rick Perry was right to use a executive mandate to give young girls a vaccination for HPV, but if you use discredited and just plain fraudulent data to attack someone then you are an Idiot. Vaccinations are safe(as any medical procedure, there are risks with any of them getting a band-aid carries risks ), they only guy that said different was stripped of his Medical License.

Personally I think that Perry did an "Ounce of Prevention", maybe not in the right way, but it was something to help people for the "General Welfare" it has the chance of cutting HPV infection rates in the state of Texas cutting future medical costs. Not to mention possibly stopping some young girls from getting cervical cancer.

Instead we get junk discredited fraudulent "science".  Welp after the "I'll bring $2 gas back" call and this particular piece of idiocy you're not getting my vote Bachmann.

On a personal note I've lost 1 family member and 3 friends to cancer, so I am very for anything that can possibly prevent this in someone.

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