Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Already linking.....

Okay I tried to avoid linking to other blogs to avoid the whole looking for links/content stuff. Sadly this I just have to talk about here in a more free way, and to not possibly make another blogger seem like a jerk.

First of all does no one know that PR can kill a business? Seriously lets get that out before we even show what I am talking about here. If you put out a promotion and it causes people to mock your business then you didn't do something right.

Trident Fitness failure to communicate

Instead of trying to cram everything in the promotion try getting just the key concepts, or a easy to compare set of data about the company's product.
If you shotgun the intended customers with a slapdash amount of info without context or knowledge then you are going to seem amateur and poorly executed.
This in turn will not promote the business but intern drive away potential costumers and money.
So if this is a business please for the sake of not causing your employees the pain of not having a job learn to run a business.

Now lets get into the real meat of my displeasure.
If people then Mock your promotion then take it as a fair criticism and ask for advice on how to improve the promotion, don't defend it. It makes you seem like a whiny incompetent business owner.
Also don't let someone else post from the same IP addy as you did to support you. Or worse yet create a fake support post.

Got to thank Everydaysnodaysoff.com for the link, and full credit for the information and comments section.

UPDATED: Rich Graham out classed me, and I was a jerk. 

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