Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Updates might be light.

My Partner and I both have gotten a nasty bug, so posting might be light for a week or so.

Monday, September 26, 2011

In Communist Russia, the cow milks you.

Wisconsin Judge rules you have no right to your garden.

I guess freedom from illegal search and seizure got repealed, gonna have to get the new "Constitution 2.0" that this judge is working from here.

Hell Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness doesn't apply anymore. 

Seems fitting right now.

But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams beneath your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams

Incomplete quote of something profound. Feels oddly right though.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I feel interested.

Seemingly people are looking up info on my blog, not reading it, just looking up info about my blog....
It's cool I guess, just well odd.

Im getting seriously annoyed now.

I use Facebook. I signed up just this year, this will probably be my last year. I sign on every couple days and check to see what people and things are saying. Because I don't sign on but every couple days I have to go back, to see what I have missed. FB every once and awhile but pretty regularly jumps you back to the top of the page....

Thus I am annoyed, I've wasted 5 minutes trying to read what happened yesterday. I still don't know what my friends said yesterday, I know what a lot of companies said, but not all of my friends. I'll give it one more week, then I'm ditching FB. Because honestly and literally Root Canals are less annoying!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

....I need a new holster.

I just finished earlier practicing my drawing from concealment for my BUG and primary....

My Bersa holsters clip is now not holding onto my pants and the whole thing is coming out with my Bersa. Ug, just what I needed another expense. I think its time to go with a holster that snaps around the belt, or the belt threads through the holster. Anyone got one they would be willing to sell cheap? Didn't think so, gonna go check Ebay, craigslist, or the forums. 

Oh yeah signing up for the USAF reserves, apparently they will take me. Kinda just blogging to blog.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I actually got kicked out under DADT, I thankfully received a honorable discharge. Honestly I hate DADT, it was a flawed BS political feel good law. It added no protections and made it more difficult.

I have been talking to recruiters for months trying to get back in, sadly since its taken so long I have hit my deadline to get back in, I have one option left. US Army, and there is only one career left for my rank. Special Forces. I can't rejoin the Air Force, and frankly Special Forces is not where I want to be right now. I have a Partner and I want to start a family, Special Forces is not for that kind of life. Physically I'm not a young as I used to be, and SF is one of the hardest, and there is no certainty here. Its only the chance to try out for SF.

So I have to say this Thanks Congress and the DOD for being jack-holes, screwed me out of my GI bill after I get kicked out (I had it for about a year after I got out, until Congress did a retroactive change on who gets it), now screw me from serving Active duty....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bug issue is apparently fixed.

Still in Tennessee,but managed to fix the bug issue about comments. Update when I get back to Georgia.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Okay bugs

I'm not sure what is going on but I'm not allowed to comment on my own blog. Some sort of bug keeps logging me out, or saying I don't have permission to view this blog....

Lets see if I can at least post.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Look out Tennessee

Im going to be in Tennessee visiting inlaws. I should be gone only a few days, but eh figured I would talk about it. I am so not looking forward to this, Tennessee inlaws always want to go out to eat to one place that is Verboten. I swear they do it to annoy me, but honestly I know they don't even realize it.

Honestly when I see a no gun sign I see a sign that reads to me "No Fags/Rednecks/slur of your choice" Because honestly its what it is, its a "We don't want your kind" sign. Its bigotry that's acceptable.

I've seen signs in bars and clubs that say "No Fags" and after that I turned around and spent my money elsewhere, and made sure to pass the word. Sadly I have to play nice with the inlaws about this place. Still I see it as an insult and I know they won't understand.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bachmann you IDIOT!

Okay not saying Rick Perry was right to use a executive mandate to give young girls a vaccination for HPV, but if you use discredited and just plain fraudulent data to attack someone then you are an Idiot. Vaccinations are safe(as any medical procedure, there are risks with any of them getting a band-aid carries risks ), they only guy that said different was stripped of his Medical License.

Personally I think that Perry did an "Ounce of Prevention", maybe not in the right way, but it was something to help people for the "General Welfare" it has the chance of cutting HPV infection rates in the state of Texas cutting future medical costs. Not to mention possibly stopping some young girls from getting cervical cancer.

Instead we get junk discredited fraudulent "science".  Welp after the "I'll bring $2 gas back" call and this particular piece of idiocy you're not getting my vote Bachmann.

On a personal note I've lost 1 family member and 3 friends to cancer, so I am very for anything that can possibly prevent this in someone.

HR 822

Honestly I'm kinda for this bill. It seems like a great thing, although I am leery of how it could be twisted.

First off it gets the federal governments fingers into the whole states licenses, if they can force states to accept each others permits then one bad bill could start adding "requirements" on licenses to be valid. Imagine one day your permits valid the next you're a felon.

Second it could honestly cause a backlash in certain states, remember folks it was Florida that really got the ball rolling for Carry Permits nation wide. (honestly not much of chance but eh remember the AWB?)

Third we don't know what this bill is going to look like in the end, making sausage is far less nasty then how some bills get made. Who knows it may get turned into an Anti-gun bill with some of the amendments that get added. I hope it keeps to its original as much as possible, maybe improved.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Do me a favor.

Google US Code Section 311 Title 10. Now honestly doesn't that mean this whole "collective right" thing was BS? We are the Unorganized Militia.

Yesterday something about it really bugs me.

Yesterday was the anniversary of 9-11, and all day something was bugging me. I joined after 2001, and honestly I don't feel like a vet, I was a wrenchmonkey for a recon bird. I know everyone has their part, heck I even know some of the stuff my bird personally did, still doesn't feel like I did squat.

Basically I just feel empty, no closure, no feeling like I did anything really. Hell I'm partly thinking maybe after 10 years things are worse, or maybe my eyes are more open to the truth now.

It honestly kinda bugs me when people thank me "for my service", because honestly I don't feel like I deserve it. There are guys and gals that put it on the line, and did more then me. I busted ass, and I worked hard, but at the end of my term I just didn't see anything saying I did anything.

I saw too many people that took a lot of damage, and honestly I'm starting to have doubts that its worth it.

You write to your congressman, and instead of nothing or a personal letter you get a canned email that tells you nothing. Or worse that they still are going to do what you don't want them to do. Gridlock over paying our bills, and generally dishonorable behavior by a large portion of anyone in "government".

So kinda echoing others, "What the hell happened to my country?" or was I just deluded in the first place?

Snarky comedy

Guy 1:I may have made a slight error in my calculations.
Guy 2:When you were adding the numbers up did you remember to carry the stupid?
Guy 1:YES!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh yeah, I be broke so I added Ads..

Yeah, I know it's tiny, and proably never get me much but a "Penny saved is a Penny earned", so if it gets me a box of ammo some day then it was worth it.

Pepsi it is of the Gods.

I drink a lot of Pepsi, just to get that out of the way. I don't buy a case I buy 4, I don't buy a 2liter, I buy 6. Sadly I get tired of just one type of Pepsi, so I got a 2liter of cherry Pepsi. 3 2liters of caffine free, and 2 2liters of regular Pepsi. Then I got 4 12pack cases of Pepsi cans. This is all for me, no one in the house drinks it. Did I mention I love Pepsi?

I hope this lasts the month.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welp the clog issue fixed itself this morning. I was just about to either call a plumber or get a pipe snake. I was literally walking past the kitchen sink when "Sclurp" the sink and laundry room drains cleared out the water that had built back up after I had earlier cracked open an access point on the pipe under the house to try and fish the clog out with a improvised 3 foot pipe snake. Just to be on the safe side I poured some more Drano down the line.
Amazingly I think it was me flushing the john a minute before that pulled the clog loose from the other side. Isn't pneudraulics fun?

Gotta say Im sorry.

Okay a little update.

First Rich Graham out classed me, and I must apologize for some of the harshness of my comments and posts. I do think he has potential for his business. I wish him well and good luck. Sometimes the internet makes us jerks, and I unfortunately fell into that.
He not only was polite and reasonable despite the ripping we gave him he took the criticism and admitted he needs improvement. Also Graham explained in a reasonable way why "Poppy" happened. I can fully understand what happened, but I'll leave it at that.
Still I think his business has room for improvement, and that some of the comments made against him were unfair and possibly incorrect.

Update in the Comments.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Drano update

I tried the Drano, nada.
It looks like from looking at the pipes that the clogs is about 15 feet down the line from the laundry, maybe 5 from the sink in the kitchen. Still clogged and it is gonna need atleast a snake to get rid of the clog. Im praying we don't have to cut the pipes to clear it, I think its time though to call a plumber.

Already linking.....

Okay I tried to avoid linking to other blogs to avoid the whole looking for links/content stuff. Sadly this I just have to talk about here in a more free way, and to not possibly make another blogger seem like a jerk.

First of all does no one know that PR can kill a business? Seriously lets get that out before we even show what I am talking about here. If you put out a promotion and it causes people to mock your business then you didn't do something right.

Trident Fitness failure to communicate

Instead of trying to cram everything in the promotion try getting just the key concepts, or a easy to compare set of data about the company's product.
If you shotgun the intended customers with a slapdash amount of info without context or knowledge then you are going to seem amateur and poorly executed.
This in turn will not promote the business but intern drive away potential costumers and money.
So if this is a business please for the sake of not causing your employees the pain of not having a job learn to run a business.

Now lets get into the real meat of my displeasure.
If people then Mock your promotion then take it as a fair criticism and ask for advice on how to improve the promotion, don't defend it. It makes you seem like a whiny incompetent business owner.
Also don't let someone else post from the same IP addy as you did to support you. Or worse yet create a fake support post.

Got to thank for the link, and full credit for the information and comments section.

UPDATED: Rich Graham out classed me, and I was a jerk. 


Well last night the sink was stopped up so after warning me (I have a phobia of garbage disposals) my Partner turned on the kitchen disposal, next thing we hear in the laundry room a splashing sound. We quickly turn off the disposal and rush in to find the washing machine  drain has spewed some really foul smelling water all over the floor. Mopping up the mess and then trying some drain cleaner we still haven't gotten the clog which apparently is affecting the laundry room and kitchen sink and dishwasher...
Going to try some Drano this time, since the one we first used takes 24 hours of sitting to fully clear the system.
So the house now needs a new roof, and some plumbing work.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dragon Con. I can't get away from it.

Okay, I had planned on avoiding FB to avoid seeing my friends posts about D'con. Sadly I forgot a lot of bloggers attend, so thanks people I can't but notice now I am not at Con. It almost makes one want to put out a tipjar for next year...or sell some stuff to go. Unfortunately I can't say that going to Con even if I sold stuff is money I can spare.
I wonder will next year be posts from Con, or am I going to be in the same financial situation as today?
This actually will be the first Con my Partner has missed since starting to go, and it really sucks.

Oh well, go forth and Con.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Well um thats different

Summer vacation?This is an interesting one, if true. Seemingly a young college student from California has joined the Libyan rebels, while on break. I think this will start a new tag, WTF?!
Anyways I can see it as a good gesture...stupid maybe, but I can't fault him on morals....if that's why he's doing this.
What are some of your thoughts? Insane, incredible, just plain confusing.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

NSFW.....or something

Funny lines

Guy 1:He's resigning. I told you that.
Guy 2:When?
Guy 1:Last night.
Guy 2:Arthur you know I can't remember stuff you say while we're--
Guy 3:?! 

Snarky late night mood.

When it comes to Carrying

This is going to be a long one probably.

I am talking about carrying a firearm for personal defense, let be honest here, it is a lethal weapon. It comes with a certain responsibility. I remember some wise words when I first thought about carrying. "Can you pull the trigger if you life is in danger?", "Because I remember every face, there isn't a day I don't remember."

So this does beg the question, is it morally right to use lethal force to defend your life. I think that's the first question before tactics, or what gun, or caliber or holster.  Can you morally use lethal force if you need to, and can you deal with those consequences afterward?
Not everyone can say that they can deal with that, its just not part of their makeup. Still a little thought experiment, someone is pointing a gun at you and screaming bloody death, and you have no doubt they will do everything they can to kill you. Can you aim a gun at them and pull the trigger till they stop being a threat?

A somethings things should be running in your head, one is a blood draining feeling, or a gut wrenching, maybe its anger, but its gonna be fear in this I bet for a lot of you. Still remember this you will possibly kill someone if you decided to carry and use a firearm for self defense. This no matter how justified you are will stay with you to your own grave. Someone son, father, uncle, daughter, sister, mother, aunt; will no longer exist do to your actions even if your life was on the line. A true you or them situation.

I asked myself that question over months, and after remembering what it was like when my own father used a firearm to defend himself and my mother I realized I had made that decision a long time ago, I just didn't realize it at the time.
I fear that some in the pro 2A group don't think enough and talk about this enough. Guns are fun and cool but when it comes to defense we seem to be lacking in talking about the seriousness on a more personal level.

So guts twisted yet, brain hurting? Good, it means your thinking about the future good or bad.

After you think about this try and remember these words everyday you holster up "I remember every face, there isn't a day I don't remember", we have responsibility to ourselves to be the good guys.
I know those words echo in my head everyday, I pray they never apply to me.