Thursday, September 1, 2011

When it comes to Carrying

This is going to be a long one probably.

I am talking about carrying a firearm for personal defense, let be honest here, it is a lethal weapon. It comes with a certain responsibility. I remember some wise words when I first thought about carrying. "Can you pull the trigger if you life is in danger?", "Because I remember every face, there isn't a day I don't remember."

So this does beg the question, is it morally right to use lethal force to defend your life. I think that's the first question before tactics, or what gun, or caliber or holster.  Can you morally use lethal force if you need to, and can you deal with those consequences afterward?
Not everyone can say that they can deal with that, its just not part of their makeup. Still a little thought experiment, someone is pointing a gun at you and screaming bloody death, and you have no doubt they will do everything they can to kill you. Can you aim a gun at them and pull the trigger till they stop being a threat?

A somethings things should be running in your head, one is a blood draining feeling, or a gut wrenching, maybe its anger, but its gonna be fear in this I bet for a lot of you. Still remember this you will possibly kill someone if you decided to carry and use a firearm for self defense. This no matter how justified you are will stay with you to your own grave. Someone son, father, uncle, daughter, sister, mother, aunt; will no longer exist do to your actions even if your life was on the line. A true you or them situation.

I asked myself that question over months, and after remembering what it was like when my own father used a firearm to defend himself and my mother I realized I had made that decision a long time ago, I just didn't realize it at the time.
I fear that some in the pro 2A group don't think enough and talk about this enough. Guns are fun and cool but when it comes to defense we seem to be lacking in talking about the seriousness on a more personal level.

So guts twisted yet, brain hurting? Good, it means your thinking about the future good or bad.

After you think about this try and remember these words everyday you holster up "I remember every face, there isn't a day I don't remember", we have responsibility to ourselves to be the good guys.
I know those words echo in my head everyday, I pray they never apply to me.

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